Pactical Works - Ellipsometry

Study of principles and applications of ellipsometry

Educational content :

  • Measuring indices of metal - aluminum (n and k),
  • Principle of ellipsometry, ellipsometry by extinction
  • Polarization of light, identification of fast and slow axes of a plate Determination of the ellipsometric angles of a material
  • Measuring refractive indices of a silicon substrate (n, k)
  • Index measurement (n) and thickness (e) a monolayer of SiO2 on silicon substrates
  • Measure index glass (n, k)
  • Study the consequences of a change in the angle of incidence on the indices of a sample
  • Studying the effect of changing wavelength on n and e
  • Highlighting the influence of measurement error on the values of n, k and e.

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Principles and applications of Ellipsometry T9620

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