Pactical Works - Electro-optic

Pockels effect and electro-optic modulation

Educational content :

  • Polarization of light: linear, elliptical, circular polarizer, law of Malus
  • Natural birefringence, the study of waveplates half wave and quarter wave
  • Change of polarization states of light, output Pockels cell
  • Birefringence induced by an electric field, electro-optical effect linear Pockels cell
  • Polarization and amplitude modulation,  SENARMONT setup
  • Electro-optic coefficient, half-wave voltage
  • Transfer function, linear area, frequency doubling
  • Lithium Niobate cristal (LiNbO3), measurement of electro-optic coefficient
  • Optical transmission of a signal (sine, square, audio) in air

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Pockels effect and electro-optic modulation T9500

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