Request for collaborations

A part of our politic of R*D is based on collaborations with educational actors of the environment.
The first phase consists in identifying conceived experiences and focusing by teachers-researchers or students (projects, training courses) within the framework of their training. We suggest then valuing their work by adapting the concept to our materials then by marketing the end product.

So that this device is win-win, we propose systematically a return for the establishment, the sector or the teacher who can take various forms:
- Advertising agent for the establishment
- financier (going up basic salary or % on sales)
- Materials(equipments): long-lasting loan
- copyright (for texts of TP)
- trainee's reception with financial coverage

You will find below some examples of contracts

Example all right of confidentiality

Before beginning the study of a collaboration, it is necessary to protect the idea, the concept of your product / TP. We propose you at first an agreement of confidentiality.

Model of contract of collaboration

Having validated the interest of your product / TP and the technical feasibility, we can be brought to collaborate with you for the valuation of your work. We subject you then a proposition of collaboration in which is defined in particular the type of return (financial, material, etc.).

Do not hesitate to seek us if you think of having identified a product / TP which can be valued or if you wish more information on our initiative.